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Volume limiting headphones especially for kids - perfect for airplane travel

Traveling with kids is seldom hassle free, and it served as a motivation to create durable headphones that will withstand being crammed into backpacks in chaotic situations, and allow parents the flexibility to control the volume depending on the environment. The BuddyPhones InFlight feature a three-volume preference settings of 75, 85 and finally a 94db flight mode max safe volume to be used for high noise levels on airplanes. The headphones are strong, bendy and can be fully adjusted to different sizes. They come with five sets of fun, colourful stickers as well as blank ones allowing kids to design their own. BuddyPhones InFlight also feature pillow-soft ear pads and cushion for maximum comfort while traveling, and come with a detachable BuddyCable system that allows up to four audio cables to connect to one device, for easy sharing, as well as flat cable design for less entanglement and to minimize choking hazard. This special edition also has a special two-prong plug for airplanes, foldable handles for easy travel and comes in an inclusive travel bag.

How loud is too loud ? Protect their hearing !

Just as construction workers protect their ears with earplugs, onanoff created BuddyPhones to protect little music-lovers. Researchers who study hearing loss have found that a person who is exposed to noise levels above 85 decibels for a prolonged period of time is at risk for hearing loss. For this reason, workers are required to wear hearing protectors, such as earplugs or earmuffs, while working. Many devices that children use today have noise levels much higher than 85 decibels. For example, an MP3 player at maximum level is roughly on 105 decibels, that’s 100 times more intense than 85 decibels! Scientists recommend no more than 15 minutes of unprotected exposure to sounds that are 100 decibels. In addition, regular exposure to sounds at 110 decibels for more than one minute risks permanent hearing loss.

Share with your buddies

It's important for kids to learn that ‘Sharing is Caring’. This is why onanoff have installed a BuddyCable audio splitter in our BuddyPhones. The BuddyCable system allows up to four audio cables to connect to one device, making it perfect for sharing with your best buddies. It’s an excellent solution for parents with more than one child, allowing up to four kids to share one device, so mom and dad can listen to their own music or have a conversation without having to listen to 'Let it Go'.. once again. BuddyCable is built-in so it never gets lost or forgotten when you need it. One host device can connect up to four buddies at once!

Change the maximum volume settings

onanoff BuddyPhones InFlight feature a child-proof twist, resembling a medical bottle cap, to change the decibels settings. The volume can easily be adjusted by an adult, and set to the right level suitable to the child's age and surrounding noise level. The volume can be adjusted to three different setting of 75, 85 or 94db. While 94db is great to tackle louder situations, the lower volume of 75db is viable for children with sensitive hearing, attention deficits and/or autism.

How it's made

At onanoff we strive to create safe and reliable products, tailor made for kids. The BuddyPhones InFlight are designed specially for travelling children with sharing and safety in mind, and to make air-travel time for the family a bit easier. The headphones are made from durable, robust materials. Housing is made from ABS while the headband is made of our specially calibrated polypropylene so it can be bent and pulled in every direction. The compact design fits conveniently into small handbags and carry-ons for traveling and are easy to travel with. Design features such as flexible arms that are less likely to snap the headphones are sat on or dropped; a flat, detached cable to prevent tangling when thrown into a backpack and designed to be safe for a child when draped around their neck, make them a terrific travel companion.


- Driver Unit: 30mm Neodyminum

- Impedance: 32oHM

- Sensitivity (1): 75 +/-3dB @1mW 1kHz

- Sensitivity (2): 85 +/-3dB @1mW 1kHz

- Sensitivity (3): 94 +/-3dB @1mW 1kHz

- Frequency Range: 20-20kHz

- Cord: 0.8m (Kids Size)

- Plug: Gold Plated 3.5mm

- Travel Bag and airline adapter included