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About Us

We are a family-run business established in 1989, initially to service a small, passionate and (back then) not catered for Mac games market.

Not long after that we became the leading supplier of Mac software, games and peripherals in Australia and New Zealand. Then the iPod came along and again we were on the forefront servicing a small, passionate and (back then) not catered for iPod accessories market.

Today the market is no longer so small with Apple accessories now more popular than ever and available from a multitude of suppliers. We feel that what differentiates us is the family values of our company which are still the same today as they were when our office was a small space attached to a council car park. Our company does not make any big bold claims that it cannot deliver on. We just try to do our best for our brands without the fluff.


We work with a number of brands, some of which we worked with since their inception (we're talking from the kitchen table 'office' stage), and some that were established in other regions and we've helped them grow in Australia and New Zealand. We also have brands that we service for specific accounts only.

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