75mm Macro Mobile Lens T-Series

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Get incredibly close to your subject with the Macro 75mm. Different from traditional macro photography, this lens works less than four inches away from the subject to capture rich textures, materials, and small moving objects that our phones were never before capable of seeing. Made with 25% more glass, this lens is crisp edge to edge on the latest iPhone and Android phones.

Designed for the wider apertures found on the latest generation of phone cameras, the multi element design is precision polished to achieve an extra low dispersion rate. The 75mm focal length makes this lens our "long range" macro option, which means you get the same intense shallow depth of field as our traditional Macro 10x with more environment available in the image. Perfect for when you need a little more space to capture a moving subject or want more background elements included in the shot.


Shot on 75mm Macro

Capture the world in entire new perspectives

Incredible Depth of Field

Experience the magic of dreamy softness juxtaposed with razor-sharp details. Say goodbye to unwanted vignetting with our enhanced design.

Made From Aerospace Grade Metal

Settle for nothing less than premium. Our lenses, sculpted from the highest quality materials, stand unparalleled in the mobile world.

Easy to Use

Align, turn, and voilà - you're set to shoot. Pair it effortlessly with our Moment case or universal mount for a fluid Macro journey.

Includes new T-Series Interface

Meet the lens of tomorrow. Built from rigid construction for generations of smartphones, a wider aperture for better shots and an ultra-secure attachment.

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Add a MagSafe Mount

For some extra versatility, add a Moment MagSafe mount.

Can't find a compatible case? Try a Universal Mount

As the name suggests, the Universal Mount allows you to attach a T-Series lens to various camera phones and adds a cold shoe mount.