18mm Wide Mobile Lens - T-Series

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Meet the 18mm Wide T-Series Lens, the perfect wide-angle lens for mobile photographers and filmmakers. Instead of the usual distorted ultra-wide shots from your phone, this gem offers a beautifully broad yet genuine view, thanks to its 6-element HD glass design. With it, you get an expansive 100-degree field specially crafted for modern phone apertures enabling you to capture 2x more pictures with a flatter, more organic perspective — even in lower light conditions.

The 18mm focal length is versatile for various scenarios. It's wide enough for landscapes, cityscapes, and architecture. Still, it can also be used effectively for group photos, interiors, street photography, or vlogging — allowing for foreground depth and greater range. It's the perfect go-to.

Meet the Moment 18mm T-Series Lens

The perfect wide-angle lens for mobile photographers and filmmakers.

Go Wider, Get Sharper

Capture the whole scene with an 18mm focal length perfect for landscape photography, urban scenes or tight indoor real estate photography. With edge to edge clarity the Wide Lens is sharper and more versatile than any built-in wide lens on the newest iPhone and Android phones.

With and Without Lens

Shot on an iPhone 14 Pro.

Guides and More

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Start Here

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Add a MagSafe Mount

For some extra versatility, add a Moment MagSafe mount.

Can't find a compatible case? Try a Universal Mount

As the name suggests, the Universal Mount allows you to attach a T-Series lens to various camera phones and adds a cold shoe mount.