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14mm Fisheye Mobile Lens - T-Series

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The 14mm Fisheye T-Series Lens is the widest super wide lens we’ve ever made. It features a massive 200 degree field of view, producing a 30% wider image than the 120 degrees you will find on ultra wide phones lenses.

This lens is what we call a full frame fisheye because it allows you to use the full image sensor on the latest camera phones with no dark corners or vignetting. This means you get a crisp image edge to edge and a sharper image than the ultra wide. This is due the 20% larger aperture on our T-Series mount of bi-aspheric glass, and the fact that our lens mounts over the built-in wide lens letting in more light on top of a higher resolution camera. All in, this is the widest, most crisp lens you can shoot on a phone.

Features & Compatibility
  • The lens includes an all-new optical design with a 200-degree field of view. This is 80 degrees wider than an ultra-wide lens on a phone.
  • A 20% wider aperture vs M-Series lenses producing full frame picture clarity with no dark corners or vignetting
  • Hand-assembled, cinema-grade glass with 4 element bi-aspheric optics
  • Features our T-Series interface with a simple twist-and-secure design.
  • Made with aerospace-grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses.
  • Works with T-Series interface on iPhone (iPhone 13 and newer), Pixel (Pixel 7 and newer), and Galaxy (S22 and newer) camera phones.
  • For the best imaging results, we recommend using the Moment Pro Camera App
  • Includes a lens cap and microfiber carrying bag.
  • Covered by our 2-year warranty.
  • Weight: 63.1g
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Depth: 26.7mm
  • Magnification Ratio: 0.2x
  • Viewing Angle: 200 deg
  • Distortion: <130%
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 2.75" (70mm) - may vary depending on phone model
  • Design: Multi-element, bi-aspheric design
  • Lens Coating: Multi-layer, low flare, broadband anti-reflection

With and Without Lens

Shot on an iPhone 14 Pro.

Ultrawide Camera
14mm Fisheye
Ultrawide Camera
14mm Fisheye
Ultrawide Camera
14mm Fisheye
Ultrawide Camera
14mm Fisheye

How to Use the T-Series Lenses

Here is what you need to get started with a Moment T-Series lens.

Get a compatible Moment case

The first thing you'll need is a Moment case that is compatible with the T-Series lens mount. If you already have a Moment case, you can skip this step and go to the next one.

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Get a Lens Mount

Next step, get a Drop-in Lens Mount that works with your case.

Shop Mounts

Can't find a compatible case? Try a Universal Mount

As the name suggests, the Universal Mount allows you to attach a T-Series lens to a variety of camera phones. Just slide it on, line up the lens and tighten the screw. It even has a cold shoe mount.

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