EcoSkin Wood - MacBook 15" - Cherry

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Real wood refines your MacBook

The EcoSkin ultrathin MacBook cover is made from genuine wood & impresses with its incomparable look & feel. The distinctive grain of each skin creates a fashionable icon that protects the surface of your netbook from scratches & dirt.

Slim Fit & Ultra Light

With a weight of just 40 grams & an outstanding thinness of 0.9mm our MacBook covers do not add any bulk to your device. At the same time maintaining the minimalistic Apple look.

As Unique as Nature itself

The natural origin gives every wooden Cover an inimitable grain & structure. Every handmade fashionable band is a unique one of a kind!

Easy Installation

The EcoSkin MacBook skins can be easily attached to your MacBook surface with the help of proven 3M adhesive. Remove the protective film, place the skin on the surface of your Mac, gently press the cover to remove the air - done! The ExoSkin can also be easily removed without any residues.

- Unique wooden MacBook cover
- Super slim & adds no bulk
- Lightweight design concept (just 40g light)
- Strong & longlasting 3M adhesive
- Removable without any residues
- Puristic, form-fitted Apple Logo
- Protects from scratches & dust
- Handselected, certified FSC wood
- Handmade with love