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Goodbye Plastic - Hello Bio!

Woodcessories is going bio! Our new BioCase is our first bio-degradable iPhone Case. With this plant-based case we offer the perfect environmentally friendly alternative!

Pure Natural Material

Woodcessories have poured their entire love for nature into this product and developed an innovative sustainable bio material that protects your iPhone and the environment at the same time. The Bio Case is made of wheat & non-toxic bio plastic that is easily recycleable. This plant-based material mix is vegan, saves important resources & protects your smartphone with the power of nature!

Upcycling - turning Old into New

This case isn't just Bio but also an Upcycle Case! We use old cases and agricultural waste that would have otherwise ended up on a landfill, and produce a brand new unique case with it. Simply send your used Bio Case back to use and we'll recycle it for you!

Zero Nonsense & 100% Non-Toxic

This Zero Nonsense Case keeps its promises: we are 100% free from toxicants like BPA & lead and also commit ourselves to the strict REACH (EU regulation) & RoHS standards with whom we not only produce sustainably but also reduce our CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

Practical Functions & Vegan Fibre

The bio-based case is a perfect allround bumper with a form fitted iPhone shape, extra grip and certified drop down protection. The soft, vegan lining inside protects your Phone from scratches and dust.

Certified Dropdown Protection

In case of impacts or dropdowns our shock-absorbing bio cover will protect your iPhone. The soft grip ensures ultimate wearing comfort, guarantees slip resistance and comes with screen protection.

Protect your Phone & our Planet

We made it our mission to explore eco-friendly & sustainable alternatives to fight against the rise of plastic and make our contribution for the climate & environment protection. Together with you we want to fight back against plastic consumption. With every sold case you help us reduce plastic consumption, CO2 emissions & preserve limited resources.

The Market is doing Green Washing - but not our cases!

Not all green brands are really green & even bio-degradable products don't always keep their promises. But we promise you honest and certified materials that pass important eco-friendly standards such as RoHS, REACH and 100% BPA free.

You Order. We Plant!

You will not only help to reduce plastic consumption but also help to grow new forests! With every sold product we support the organization Trees for the Future & plant a new tree for you! For the future, for the next generations and for a better planet


- Biodegradable iPhone Case
- Made from Plants (Wheat & Straw)
- Upcycling Product (Agricultural Waste)
- Pollutant Free & REACH Certified
- Certified Drop-Down Protection
- Slim Design but offers Screen Protection via the raised frame edges (screen protector is not included)
- Soft, vegan fibre protects from scratches
- 100% non-toxic & BPA free
- Compatible with Wireless Charging