SurfacePad for iPhone 13 Pro - Black

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Don’t call it a case...

Feather light and razor thin, SurfacePad for iPhone 13 is a beautifully slim leather cover designed to shield the front and back of your phone from scratches. Inside this Napa leather jacket are two cards slots for all-in-one convenience. And yes, SurfacePad is fully MagSafe compatible! With slots inside the front cover, there’s no need to remove SurfacePad to access your cards or charge your phone. Don’t hide your iPhone in a bulky plastic box - get SurfacePad for a more minimal, more comfortable everyday protection.

The minimal MagSafe wallet you really want.

One of the first things people ask about SurfacePad is, “Will my MagSafe Charger work with SurfacePad on my phone?” The answer is yes. With slots on the inside front cover, you don’t have to remove SurfacePad to access your cards or charge your phone. Since your cards stay connected, there’s less risk of misplacing or forgetting the cards you keep inside this little leather cover. A camera cutout lets you capture amazing photos and video, too.

When a little protection is all you need.

SurfacePad is a minimalist cover designed to protect your phone from regular hazards like the keys in your pocket or the water rings on the bar at your favorite coffee shop. This thin leather wrap barely adds any thickness to your phone so it easily slips into pockets or phone slots in purses and backpacks. When you do need a rugged case for outdoor adventure, you can peel SurfacePad off and put it back on when you return. How’s that for convenience?

Carry just the essentials.

Now that Apple Pay and other contactless payments are pretty much everywhere, you can leave home with just your iPhone and ID. SurfacePad has two card slots so you can keep your phone, ID and debit/credit card together for grab-and-go convenience. Add your keys and you’re ready to roll.

Leaves no trace when removed.

SurfacePad sticks to your phone with SurfaceGrip 2.0, a super-secure, reusable adhesive. Didn’t get SurfacePad perfectly straight the first time you put it on? Peel it off and try again. Need to use a waterproof case on a vacation? Peel off SurfacePad and put it back on when you get home. SurfaceGrip 2.0 leaves no sticky residue behind so your phone will be in great condition when trade-in time rolls around. 


- Ultra-slim cover that protects the surface of iPhone  
- Fully MagSafe compatible with cards attached
- Crafted from luxuriously soft Napa leather  
- Two interior pockets for ID / bank cards