BackPack for iMac & Studio Display

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Note: Not compatible with the Apple Studio Display with the tilt and height adjustable stand

The ultimate accessory for your Mac desktop.

Designed exclusively for Apple Studio Display (with tilt-adjustable stand only) and the colourful iMac, the sleek aluminium BackPack shelf quickly and seamlessly attaches to the back your iMac or Studio Display stand. Use BackPack to declutter your desk by storing & elevating portable hard drives and USB-C hubs behind your display, on top of this sturdy vented shelf. If your iMac or Studio Display faces co-workers or customers, use the matte white shelf to display artwork, awards, or a welcome sign. Tidy up your workspace with an accessory so integrated into the design of your device, it looks like it came with it.

A storage rack - for the back of your Mac.

BackPack attaches to the back of your iMac or Studio Display stand, which is the perfect place to keep things like backup hard drives and hubs hidden. The aluminium vented shelf includes an Apple Watch-like band that lets you strap gear to the top and bottom of BackPack. Included Twist Ties make it easy to tidy up cables and keep that clean, minimal Apple aesthetic.

Personalise your space with Backpack.

For those of you sitting with the back of your iMac or Studio Display in plain sight, use the matte white BackPack as a display shelf. You can set all sorts of fun things like figurines, flowers or collectibles on BackPack. If your iMac is the first thing people see when they walk into your salon, spa or co-working space, use BackPack to display a welcome sign, hold business cards or maybe a small candy dish. Get as creative as you like with what you display on BackPack.

The hub stops here.

If you’re using a USB-C hub to add legacy ports to the USB-C-only iMac or Studio Display, BackPack is the perfect parking spot for that hub. BackPack keeps your hub hidden and the short cable on most USB hubs will reach the USB-C ports on your display. You can also use in the included BackPack strap to secure your hub so you can unplug and plug in cables with one hand (and keep other from borrowing your hub). Need the perfect hub for your new setup? Look no further than StayGo (available separately).

Installs in two steps.

BackPack is a snap to install. Literally. A two-piece holster snaps into the oval opening on the back of your iMac or Studio Display stand. Then you slide the stand onto the holster. That’s it. So easy. By the way, the holster is clear, so the colour of your iMac shows through. Spruce up your Mac workspace. 


- Hide messy hard drives, cables, and dongles behind your display
- Store USB-C hubs + cables right next to your connections
- Display awards, business cards, or retail signage facing customers
- Includes watchband-quality peripheral strap for top or bottom storage
- Works with all 24-inch M1 iMacs and Apple Studio Display with tilt-adjustable stand and installs without tools

- NOTEBackPack is compatible with the non-height-adjustable Studio Display only.


- Height: 2 mm
- Width: 130 mm
- Depth: 101 mm
- Max Capacity: 1.36 kg