LenzGuard - iPhone 15/15 Plus - Black

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As the lens on the iPhone gets bigger and more delicate, do you worry about hard objects scratching your lens and affecting the image quality? Our synthetic sapphire lens protector provides full protection for your lens. No keys, loose change in your pocket, or pebbles on the beach can harm your camera. LENZGUARD is your strongest support for the iPhone lens.


- Crafted from synthetic sapphire, the LENZGUARD offers superior scratch resistance.
- With a high transmittance of 92% and anti-reflection coating, it maintains the optimal original display quality.
- The delicate plating process ensures a smooth touch, reduces stains, dirt, and water, while enhancing durability.
- At only 0.25mm thin, it seamlessly integrates with any case for a sleek and minimalist look.
- Specially designed positioning template ensures easy and accurate installation.