Schott Glass Screen Protector - iPhone 6/6s Plus

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Power Support engineers have teamed up with SCHOTT Glass of Germany to make an incredibly hard and amazingly thin scratch resistant film screen protector for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus.

The SCHOTT Glass screen protection film has a 9H hardness rating. This is scratch resistance comparable to tempered glass yet it is ultra-thin measuring only 0.2mm thick. This means your screen has the same protection as tempered glass with only a fraction of the bulk. In fact the screen protection film is so thin it is flexible and pliable, making it easier to install. We then smoothed and rounded off the edges giving the film a nice, clean look and feel on your phone.

The SCHOTT Glass screen protection is extremely scratch resistant, highly translucent and resists finger prints and dirt.

SCHOTT Glass they have been making glass products used in optical lenses, medical equipment, telescopes and industrial glass applications in Germany for over 130 years.


- 9H hardness rating comparable to tempered glass

- Ultra-thin 0.2mm’s thick

- Excellent flexibility

- Smooth rounded edge finish

- Resists fingerprints and dirt

Set includes

- 1 SCHOTT GLASS screen protector for the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus

- 1 Micro fibre cleaning cloth

- 1 Dust remover

- NOTE - screen protector is a case friendly design. Protector allows a gap to the edge of the iPhone 6/6s Plus screen. Blue outline on image indicates the exposed space between the protector and iPhone 6/6s Plus.-