Crystal film set for iPad Mini 4/5

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The new, sleek, powerful iPad mini 4/5 with its amazing Retina display is perfect for editing photos, watching movies, reading books and gaming. Power Support’s AFP Crystal Film for iPad mini is perfect for protecting the iPad mini's screen. The AFP (anti-finger print) crystal surface treatment actually enhances picture and image quality resulting in exceptionally vibrant colours on the Retina display. The hard coating protects your screen from scratches, dirt and dust while reducing finger prints and smudges. All this protection does not in any way impede the touch sensitivity or responsiveness of the screen making the AFP Crystal Film for iPad mini the choice for gamers, artists, photographers and anyone who wants to get the most out of the new mini.

Easy Installation

Applying film screen protection on larger devices like the iPad mini can be difficult so Power Support is providing the tools and the technology to make the installation of the AFP Crystal Film for iPad mini as easy as possible.

Micro fiber cleaning cloth

Dust is always an issue and using a tissue or the kitchen towel to clean the iPad mini screen before installation can make the mater worse. The enclosed micro fibre cleaning cloth is specially designed to remove dust from your screen and not add to the problem.

Dust Remover

Even with the most thorough cloth cleaning some dust particles always seem to remain on the screen. Our dust remover is a large, sticky paper that covers the entire iPad mini screen and removes every last speck of dust. Just remove the paper backing and put the sticky side down on the screen. Rub it in so the adhesive has a chance to pick up every particle of dust. Pull it off for a spotless screen.

Rip In Place (RIP) Technology

Few things are more frustrating than putting on a screen protector crooked, then having to pull it off and start all over again. Our RIP technology makes it possible to easily line up and place your film protector on the iPad before removing all of the protective backing. By following the enclosed instructions you will find some small cuts or notches along the edge of the protective screen liner. These notches makes it possible remove a narrow middle section of the backing, place your film to the right position, and apply the middle section to the screen. When you remove the middle section don’t worry about messing up, our patented monoaxially pulled separator guarantees that the film backing will rip in a straight line and leave no plastic dust. Once this is done you can remove the top and bottom sections without messing up the alignment for a perfect screen film fit.

If for some reason you need to remove the AFP Crystal Film it leaves no residue and provided you are careful, you can re-apply the film.  


- Crystal Film enhances the beauty of the Retina Display

- Provides unparalleled protection

- Exceptional quality

- Precisely die-cut to match your iPad

- Static Cling Adhesion for Easy Installation and No Residue

- Rip In Place (RIP) Technology

- Re-attachable

Set includes 

- 1 Anti-fingerprint crystal film

- 1 Micro fiber cleaning cloth

- 1 Dust remover