Spring Cable, USB-C to USB-C - 3 feet (91cm)

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The MOS Spring USB-C cable gives your tablet or computer the cable it deserves, both in terms of style and durability.

The MOS Spring takes USB-C cables to a whole new level of design and quality. The Spring cable features only the best materials to ensure this would be the only USB-C cable you will ever need to buy.

Introducing the 2nd gen MOS Spring

No detail was too small during the development of the second generation MOS Spring cables.

The MOS team is constantly improving even the most intricate details of their products. The Spring cables were designed to be the best cables in the world, but these second generation cables move them to a whole new realm.

At MOS we love form and we love function, yet we really don't like to compromise. The MOS Spring gives you both in a way no one else can.

Anodised Aluminium Housing

The lightweight yet extremely durable housing protects the sensitive internal circuitry. The anodised aluminium heads offer a scratch resistant surface, minimal weight, premium look and feel, laser-engraved logos and tough protective housing.

Carbon Blackened Steel Spring

The steel spring adds strain relief just where it is needed most. The spring is composed of unique carbon blackened steel so the color never flakes or fades. The ferrous metal also looks great with our MOS magnetic cable ties.

Woven Exoskeleton Jacket

Multiple layers are utilized for unrivaled build quality. Exoskeleton is a proprietary woven jacket offering maximum protection. High-grade TPE polymer wraps the inner wires for even further protection, but truly excels for its great flexibility.

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