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The MOS Kick was designed to let you take advantage of all the latest smartphone camera modes like slo-mo, time lapse, long exposure, and timed selfies. The best smartphone stand is the one you can have on you at all times.

Compatible with phones and cases up to 9.5mm thick.

iPhone Stand

The camera on the iPhone and the camera features in iOS are simply amazing. It has never been easier to capture beautiful time lapses or amazing slo-mo video. But there is one major problem. How are you supposed to capture the sun setting over the mountains for 2 hours while holding your phone perfectly still? How are you supposed to take slomo video while holding your phone? How are you supposed to take a timed picture of you and your friends when the phone can’t stand on its own?

Screw Assembly

The MOS Kick has an advanced screw assembly that we designed specifically for this application. It allows the Kick to work for almost any smartphone and work with many smartphones in cases as well. We use high durometer silicone pads to protect your phone, and also to create a high friction environment to secure your phone.


The MOS Kick is sturdy because of its all metal construction. We chose materials to create a solid base and counterweight to hold a phone properly. The MOS Kick can stand the test of time and handle the constant abuse of being in your pocket or on your backpack.


The Kick is not just a phone kickstand. Since this handy little device will be going with you everywhere, we wanted to add in some other useful features. Each Kick will also come with a bottle opener, and flat head screwdriver. Last but not least, it has a hole threaded to a standard tripod mount for easy mounting on tripods.