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Variable ND Filter

by Moment
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We’ve shot with a lot of Variable ND filters. They were either too expensive or the quality wasn’t there. None of them hit the sweet spot on affordability, functionality, and quality… so we made our own.

Available as a 2-5 stop or 6-9 stop, Moment Variable ND filters are the secret sauce to controlling your exposure. Made with premium Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass, these filters are crisp edge to edge without color fringing or cross polarization. The filter rings are precision machined from aerospace grade metal, delivering the durability we expect when shooting. Our Variable ND Filters also feature a unique flared geometry unlike anything else on the market, allowing you to see your ND number from behind the viewfinder. This provides fast, precise control over your shots in tricky lighting, without moving from behind the camera. Made to shoot on the go, the filters also feature hard stops at both ends of the range to prevent unwanted cross polarization for the cleanest image possible.

Features and Compatibility

  • German Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass for superior optical clarity
  • Available in both 2-5 stop (ND4 - ND32) and 6-9 stop (ND64- ND512) ranges
  • Advanced optical coatings for cinematic color and rugged durability
  • Precision tuned to never cross polarize
  • Hard stops on both ends of the stop range for more precise control
  • Works with any standard center-pinch lens cap (like the one you already have for your camera lens)
  • Works with the 67mm Filter Mount and 67mm Filter Adapter and M-series Lenses
  • Works with step-up/step-down rings, like this 62mm-67mm one here
  • Laser etched markings allow you to see your stop from behind the viewfinder
  • Body machined from aerospace grade metal to withstand use, drops, and adventure
  • Knurled grip texture for more control and easy removal from lenses
  • Conical geometry acts as a micro lens hood, cutting unwanted glare and reflections
  • Includes a foam lined, metal carrying tin for protection on the go and a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Covered by our 2-year warranty
Image Quality
  • Filter Glass: Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass
  • Filter Coatings: 16 layer anti-reflective coating along with ‘Liquid Glass’ surface treatments for anti-static, hydrophobic, and scratch resistance
What Is A Variable ND Filter?

Neutral Density filters are like sunglasses for your camera lens. A Variable does the same thing but it lets you adjust the strength of the filter by rotating the filter ring. This way, instead of carrying around multiple filters for different lighting conditions, you can carry just one and adjust for your specific shot. It’s the best way to perfectly expose your shot in any shooting scenario.


Thread Size: 67mm, 77mm, 82mm

Outer Diameter:

67mm — 81.16mm
77mm — 91.16mm
82mm — 96.16mm

67mm — 9.05mm
77mm — 9.05mm
82mm — 9.05mm

67mm — 39.7g
77mm — 47.9g
82mm — 51.8g

  • Adjustment: Rotation with hard stops to prevent cross polarizing within the working range
  • Filter Range:
  • 2–5 Stop | ND4–ND32
    6–9 Stop | ND64–ND512
  • Frame Material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • Lens Cap Compatibility: Standard Center Pinch Caps
  • Compatible Focal Lengths: 16mm and above
  • Works with: Moment 67mm Filter Mount
Which Version Should I Get?

2-5 Stop (ND4-32)

  • Works well if your standard outdoor conditions. Cloudy, partly sunny, sunrise/sunset
  • Great for shooting slow motion when you have to turn your shutter speed up
  • Shoot with this one when there is less light available. In trees, in shade or on a hike, when you are shooting indoors.
  • Works well in most lighting conditions to control shutter speed for photo or video
  • Perfect for everyday videography, vlogging, and YouTube style content creation

6-9 Stop (ND64-512)

  • Great for shooting in super bright lighting conditions
  • Sunny beach days or bright snowy days on the slopes. Desert conditions.
  • If you want to shoot at a high aperture like f/1.4
  • Great for getting the slowest possible shutter speed for long exposure photos in the daytime
  • If your camera has a high base ISO

With a Variable ND Filter

Without a Filter

Premium Glass

We chose Schott B270 Pro Cinema Glass to maintain maximum optical quality and create crisp images.

A New Level of Control

Our unique geometry and laser etched graphics allow you to see which stop you’re shooting from behind the viewfinder. This allows for faster control and easy starting points for your shots in different lighting conditions.

Zero Cross Polarisation

We specifically engineered the rotation of the filter to have hard stops at both ends of the working range, preventing unwanted cross polarisation.

Aerospace Grade

The filter metal is machined from aerospace grade aluminum for lightweight performance and rugged durability.

Works With Your Gear

Not only do our Variable ND filters work with standard camera lens thread sizes, they also work with the standard center pinch lens caps you already have for your camera lens, unlike other options on the market.

The 67mm VND also works with our 67mm Filter Mount so you can take your mobile videos to the next level.