Mobile Lens Cleaning Pen

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This lens pen is designed to keep your Moment lenses clean of dust and dirt, with a lens brush and a felt cleaning tip. You can also use it to help clean your phone?s camera sensor so your shots always come out crispy.

Most Essential

The Mobile Lens Cleaning Pen is the most underrated yet most essential accessory to your lens setup. A clean lens equals clean images.

Brush Side

Brush away larger debris, dust, hair, and fluff from your lens with the soft retractable brush on one side of the pen

Pad Side

Wipe away smudges and grease with the non-scratching pad side of the pen

Small Enough To Fit

The pad side of the Mobile Lens Cleaning Pen is specifically designed to fit in the small back hole of our Moment M-Series Lenses.

Don't Forget Your Phone Lenses

Clean thoroughly before shooting and use the Pen to clean your phone's lenses as well to get the clearest image possible.


- Felt tip cleans dust and fingerprints on your phone lens, camera lens, and the inside / mount side of your Lens.
- Brush side is retractable and best for removing general dust on the front of a camera or smartphone lens.
- Small enough to fit in your pocket, wristlet, purse, or camera bag.