Curved Surface Mount for AirTags

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Not all gear is flat, which is why we made the curved surface mount for AirTags. Built with a flexible silicone construction, it’s easy to conform to virtually any hard surface you want to stick an AirTag to. We’re looking forward to putting them on our drones, under our bike seats, inside our kayaks, music gear, snowblowers, surfboards, you get the picture. With a watertight shell and rugged adhesive, they’re ready to go wherever you are. Hide your AirTags where thieves won’t find them with the Curved Surface Mount.

Product Notes:
  • These are designed for slightly curved surfaces, it may not work on things like drink bottles.
  • These are also designed to be permanently affixed to a surface with the AirTag sealed inside. To change the battery the adhesive needs to be removed, an extra adhesive pad is included for re-installation.

Features and Compatibility

  • Compatible with AirTags
  • Allows you to mount an AirTag to any hard surface, from flat to curved
  • Rugged adhesive backing for secure stick to hard surfaces
  • Flexible moulded rubber construction
  • Watertight once stuck onto a surface
  • Foam lining to keep AirTag secure and prevent rattle
  • Extra adhesive pad included for removal and installation on new surfaces