L1 Tuner - Baltar Variable Look Lens

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The Module 8 L1 Tuner is an innovative new lens that transforms your modern digital cameras into a nostalgic dream machine. It unlocks the cinematic magic of vintage films with a simple twist on lens adapter, available in three distinct looks.

The L1 look is inspired by The Baltars. It gives you all of the glamour and glowing halation seen in a classic Super Baltar lens. It can evoke emotion by creating the nostalgic warmth, romance, and gritty realism of classic films, like the Godfather. When you max out this look, we like to call it the Wicked Baltars.


The L1 Tuner Look

Module 8 has created three unique looks, emulating some of the most iconic cinema lenses ever made. Inspired by Super Baltar lenses, L1 can evoke emotion by creating the nostalgic warmth, romance and gritty realism of classic films like The Godfather.

At T/2.3, the L1 Tuner gives the character of a vintage Super Baltar but can produce an intense, dreamlike look when the aperture of the lens is increased to T/1.4. The variable halation of L1 is created by manipulating spherical aberration of the image and is much more accurate than the uniform scattering effect induced by a diffusion filter. The ability to create very strong looks is convenient when delivering to a smaller screen size and still want a pronounced vintage look.

What makes the Tuner incredible?

Look Variability

Manually adjust the strength of the look on your camera, all while maintaining focus.


Works with most autofocuses, great with stabilisation, small enough to fit in your pocket, and much lighter than carrying an extra set of vintage primes.


Vintage lenses cost north of $50K a set, assuming you can even find them. Starting at under $3K, we wanted to make these famous lenses way more affordable.