Padded Camera Wraps - 16" x 16" & 19" x 19"

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Size: 16”x 16” (407 x 407mm)
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A fun and colourful approach to an extremely versatile product that has looked boring for far too long. If your camera is constantly switching places from a suitcase to a backpack to the centre console of your car, the camera wrap is a great way to add a layer of protection without adding a ton of bulk. Incredibly universal between cameras and other tech.

Go Anywhere Camera Protection

This product was born from watching how real photographers carry their cameras: wrapped in a sweatshirt or puffy jacket and stuffed in whatever bag they want for the day. The Padded Camera Wraps are low profile, offer robust protection (without adding bulk), are weather and dirt resistant, and easy to find in your bag.

Keep It Clean And Dry

Polyurethane backed and DWR treated fabrics keep water out. A wipe clean nylon ripstop interior keeps dirt away.

Easy To Find

Made with light colour fabric to make finding your gear super easy, even in the darkest backpacks. No more digging everything out of your bag just to get your camera.

Exactly The Right Size

Velcro closures on each corner allow the camera wrap to tightly conform to whatever gear you put in it. With two sizes, you can find the right protection without the extra bulk.