35mm Film Camera

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Ideal for your first experience with film. You get a brand-new camera that you know will work out of the box without the troubles of dealing with ageing used cameras of unknown condition. This can be positioned both as a great camera for someone looking to shoot their first roll of film or as a camera for experienced photographers to bring to the beach, take to the lake or bring places you might not bring a professional camera you don't want to break. Visually, it gives you the nostalgic and playful look of a disposable camera, without the wasteful process of disposing the camera each time you shoot a roll. Essentially a reloadable disposable that opens up the options of what film you want to shoot as well.

Dive into vintage vibes with a modern touch using our durable, lightweight ABS plastic camera, optimised for 135 Film (24X36mm) and ISO 200/400.

Rediscover the tactile magic of film with our focus-free 31mm, F9 optical grade acrylic lens, a manual wind and rewind feature, and a built-in flash that lights up memories with a quick 10-15 second recycle time.

Keep track of your shots with the film viewing window and embrace a 70% field view through our sharp viewfinder. Powered by just a single AAA alkaline battery, this camera is your trusty companion for every adventure. With the Long Weekend camera, capture the essence of every moment and relive it endlessly.


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What we love

Full frame. Super reliable. Easy to use.

Pocket Sized Fun

The ABS body is lightweight, yet tough, and slides easily into a pant pocket or bag. With a range of unique colourways the camera can be enjoyed on its own or matched to your other Long Weekend gear.

Simple & Intuitive

There are no fussy dials or settings, making it the perfect road-trip buddy that anyone in the car can pick up and shoot with, no matter their skill level.

Flash for Low Light Shooting

A powerful built-in flash guarantees every scene is lit consistently. With a straight-forward on-off button, you can activate as the lighting conditions change.

Reuse Again and Again

It’s an affordable alternative to wasteful disposable cameras for events or holidays.

Shot on the Long Weekend 35mm Camera

By @willemverb