Slimline Rocking Foot Rest

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With its comfortable, stable support, 300-pound (136kg) weight limit, and 360-degree swiveling bar, the Rocking Foot Rest delivers ergonomics and promotes movement and stretching while sitting or standing. Strong, non-slip extruded rotating aluminium bar helps to improve circulation and relieve pressure for better health and all-day comfort.


- Promotes movement and stretching to help improve circulation and relieve pressure for all-day comfort. Contributes to non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) - things such as rocking your feet, typing, even fidgeting - that helps - increase metabolic rate and keeps us healthy.
- Sleek, versatile design with a discreet, low profile fits any office environment. Ideal for sitting or standing.
- Three hundred sixty degree swiveling bar is designed to promote leg and foot movement and stretching throughout the day to help improve circulation and relieve pressure.
- Extruded aluminium non-slip bar is rated up to 300 pounds (136kg). Elevated ridges on the bar and rubber padded feet keep your feet and the foot rest securely in place.