KP400 Switchable Keyboard

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When it comes to typing on a variety of devices, having a keyboard that can alternate between wired and Bluetooth connectivity can be your new best friend. The Kensington KP400 Switchable Keyboard lets you work with a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone together so you can take productivity to a new level. The keyboard is full-sized and includes a numeric keypad, providing you a professional typing experience whether you are using it with a PC, tablet or smartphone. The keyboard can be powered using either a detachable wired connection through a USB port on your laptop, or with batteries when it’s in Bluetooth mode. Installation is simple and easy so you can start typing in no time at all.

Switching Buttons

Quickly transition from traditional USB-wired connection on your laptop to a wireless bluetooth connection on your laptop, tablet or even a smartphone, giving you the ultimate freedom to connect to a variety of devices and meet your productivity goals

Full-Size Keyboard

With 6 rows of keys including a numeric pad, the keyboard layout is ideal for the touch typist looking for a professional experience to maximise their productivity

Power Options

The keyboard allows you to use a detachable USB-powered wired connection from a laptop or desktop device, or you can go with battery power when paired wirelessly with Bluetooth for a mobile experience

Plug & Play/Pair & Play Installation

Simply insert the USB cable into your laptop or pair your keyboard and device via Bluetooth and you’ll be up and typing in no time


- Switching buttons allows you to quickly alternate between wired and Bluetooth connection

- Full-size keyboard layout features six rows including numeric keypad

- Power can be supplied to the keyboard either through a USB port or with batteries

- Compatible with Windows

- Uses Bluetooth 3.0


- Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

- Connections: Micro USB

- Connectivity: Wired, Wireless

- Features: Auto Power Off, Auto Wake/Sleep

- Range: 10 metres

- Wireless Type: Bluetooth 3.0

- Dimensions: 444 mm x 124 mm x 18 mm

- Weight: 488g

- Cable Length: 1.8 metres