TagVault: Magnetic for AirTag

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Easily and securely mount your AirTag on your car, trailer, motorcycle, or other flat steel surface with the Elevation Lab TagVault Magnetic Mount.

The massive, super-strong Neodymium rare earth magnet ensures a firm grip, while the IP68 waterproof construction shields it from the elements. It's minimal and discreet design makes it easy to attach and remove, making it convenient for everyday use.

The Best Way to Keep an AirTag on Your Car

Mounts in seconds to flat steel/ferrous metal surfaces.

Ultra-Strong, Thick Neodymium Magnet

It's the world's strongest AirTag magnet mount.

IP68 Waterproof

Our gasketed design keeps AirTag and its unprotected battery dry and working.

Won't Fall Off

Tested on city streets and off-road.

Corrosion Resistant

Electroless nickel plated for durability and weather resistance.

Minimal & Discreet

All-black matte enclosure with a nickel coated magnet, does not broadcast to thieves that this is an AirTag mount.

No Expense Spared

Strong, glass-filled polymer threaded enclosure, custom silicone o-ring, and a giant rare-earth neodymium magnet.