TagVault: Cat Collar Mount for AirTag

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Note: Collar is not included and for illustrative purposes only

Introducing the TagVault AirTag Cat Collar Mount, the ultimate solution for keeping tabs on your furry friend. Designed specifically for Apple AirTags, this sleek mount securely attaches to your cat's collar, providing peace of mind with real-time tracking capabilities. Whether exploring the neighbourhood or simply lounging at home, TagVault ensures you're always connected to your pet's whereabouts.

Never Lose Your Pet

Have peace of mind that an AirTag is securely on them.



Pierces your collar and holds extremely well.

Fits Any Cat Collar

Harnesses too. And dog collars with thicknesses up to 1/8" (3mm).

Doesn't Dangle

Mounts flush to your cats collar.

Custom Screws

Rounded and low-profile, your cat won't notice them.

Also Great for Small Dogs

Compact and secure.