CordDock USB-C to USB-C charger

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CordDock gives you freedom

Easily undock or undock and take the cord with you.

Function second to none

Pull up to undock one handed. Or rotate forward to take the phone & cord with you so you can use/hold your phone while still charging.

Tiny footprint

CordDock is a fraction the size of any other wired or wireless charger, looks great on any desk or bedside table.

Gorgeous on your desk

CordDock's small size makes your phone the star attraction. It's ultra convenient too.


- The most convenient way to charge your Android or iPhone 15 phone at maximum speed.
- CordDock's hybrid design combines the flexibility of a cord, the fast charging of a wired connection (2-3x faster as wireless), and the convenience of an upright dock - in ultra-compact form with a tiny footprint.
- Adjusts to fit cases up to 4mm thick (that's most cases except very big ones like Otterbox) (Not compatible with extra thick 2-part cases, like OtterBox and LifeProof.).
- How it works: Pull up on your phone to undock one-handed. Or rotate forward to take the cord with you, so you can freely use your phone while still connected.
- The NanoPad bottom locks to smooth surfaces with micro air-suction (not adhesive), so it doesn't get knocked around and allows one-hand undocking. The micro-suction WILL NOT work well on textured surfaces because it can't hold a vacuum.
- Beautiful and durable 6ft/1.8m braided USB-C cord. Precision stainless steel spring-loaded detents.