Anchor Side

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Declutters your desk

Keeps your headphones out of sight & easy to access.

Spring-loaded cord management

The built-in spring-loaded cord holder secures your cords, keeping them taut to your desk.

Mounts to vertical surfaces in seconds

Perfect for desks with large vertical surfaces, filing cabinets, drawers etc.

Holds any headphone with ease

Handles even the heaviest audiophile & gaming headphones with ease.

Perfect for wireless headphones too

Keeps your charging cable in the perfect spot.

Keeps cords away from your legs

Spring loaded cord management + included adhesive cord clip helps you keep those pesky cords taut to your desk and away from your legs.

CordClip included

Organises cords under your desk, keeping them out of the way of your legs.

Holds ultra-strong

The tested, proven custom 3M adhesive (same that GoPro uses) holds ultra-strong. (If you have a hard time removing it, you can warm it up with a hair dryer and it will come off much easier.)

Premium textured composite construction

Anchor Side is moulded with an exotic fiber reinforced polymer that has twice the strength of cast aluminium. And the nice textured finish has the perfect amount of friction for your headphones.

CordClip + alcohol Pad included

AnchorSide comes with a CordClip and an alchohol pad to clean your surface with before mounting.


- Mounts to vertical surfaces in seconds. Keeps headphones out of sight & easy to reach.
- Spring loaded built-in cord management clip keeps cords taut to your desk.
- Excellent for wireless headphones too - Holds your charging cord for easy charging and eliminates clutter.
- Holds ultra-strong with custom 3M VHB adhesive (same that GoPro uses).
- Premium strong composite construction. Holds even the biggest headphones with ease.