CASA Hub eC301 - USB-C to LAN - Grey

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One Little Hub, Every Little Task.
The new, shiny laptop just arrived. You realise that it comes with only USB Type-C ports and it's a messy job trying to connect it with wired Ethernet or older USB peripherals.

Try the CASA 3-in-1 USB Type-C Ethernet adapter.
Adam Element understand your complaint and brought forth a new solution : the CASA Hub eC301, a wired Ethernet adapter with two "conventional" USB Type-A ports for your travel or office convenience. The two USB 3.1 ports allow your new laptop to hook up with the existing external devices such as printers, hubs, keyboards/mice or storage devices, so your current and future investment on peripherals are all in good hands.

Sometimes wired is just better.
Indeed, wireless networks are convenient, prevalent and almost indispensable, but there are still occasions that wired Ethernet is preferred. Wired networks are generally faster, more secure, stable and interference-proof, so you may want an Ethernet cable for the new laptop to take advantage of it when you're not on the road.

High Speed Gigabit Ethernet, Compatible with IEEE 802.3. switches automatically among 10, 100 or 1000Mbps speeds. So you can enjoy bandwidth-intensive applications with confidence – no hiccups.

Plug and forget.
The CASA Hub eC301 is powerful, but not perplexing at all. It's high-performance chipset, Thunderbolt 3 compatibility and USB functions requires no driver installation or tweaking on the computer side, just plug it into the USB Type-C port on your new MacBook Pro or PC laptops and it works like magic instantly.

Handy connection, fast data.
The two standard USB Type-A ports eC301 offers connections nicely at the same time: they both communicate with external devices such as printers and storage devices at respectable 5Gbps. When you need to travel light, the eC301 might be the only accessory to bring along.

Built to work, built to last.
In addition to compliance with the latest standards, the CASA Hub eC301 bas been built with the best material possible to serve your needs.

At only 40g, the lightweight but solid aluminium housing, strengthened connector and braided cable are all made to last a long time to accompany your high-end laptop and, of course, invaluable work.

The best USB Type-C companion.
The eC301 is the best companion for any laptop with USB Type-C ports. It's compatible with macOS, Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux, Chrome OS systems and has been extensively tested on Apple, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Dell laptops and Chromebooks.

In addition, it also supports OTG-ready Android tablets and smart phones such as Google Pixel 2, HTC U11, LG G6, Huawei P10 and more. Just grab it and go, nothing to worry about compatibility issues.

- Ultra-small Thunderbolt 3 compatible Type-C hub for peripherals & data transfers.
- Realtek chip provides high performance but low power consumption.
- High speed Gigabit Ethernet port IEEE 802.3 compliant with auto-switching 10/100/1000Mbps transmission speeds.
- Plug and play with no driver installation needed.
- Embedded internet (GR)/transmission (ORG) LED indicator, help to identify the transmitting status.
- 2 additional USB 3.1 standard ports to connect USB devices.
- Light-weight and narrow aluminium connector housing reducing electromagnetic interference.
- Strengthened connectors and durable braided cable provide an ultra long life.
- Supports macOS / Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android tablets and smartphones with OTG function.