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35mm Film Camera

Product Code: 213-027
Colour: Black
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Ideal for your first experience with film. You get a brand-new camera that you know will work out of the box without the troubles of dealing with ageing used cameras of unknown condition. This can be positioned both as a great camera for someone looking to shoot their first roll of film or as a camera for experienced photographers to bring to the beach, take to the lake or bring places you might not bring a professional camera you don't want to break. Visually, it gives you the nostalgic and playful look of a disposable camera, without the wasteful process of disposing the camera each time you shoot a roll. Essentially a reloadable disposable that opens up the options of what film you want to shoot as well.

Dive into vintage vibes with a modern touch using our durable, lightweight ABS plastic camera, optimised for 135 Film (24X36mm) and ISO 200/400.

Rediscover the tactile magic of film with our focus-free 31mm, F9 optical grade acrylic lens, a manual wind and rewind feature, and a built-in flash that lights up memories with a quick 10-15 second recycle time.

Keep track of your shots with the film viewing window and embrace a 70% field view through our sharp viewfinder. Powered by just a single AAA alkaline battery, this camera is your trusty companion for every adventure. With the Long Weekend camera, capture the essence of every moment and relive it endlessly.


Features & Compatibility
  • Type: Reusable 35mm
  • Film format: 135 Film ( 4X36mm) ISO 200/400
  • Material: ABS Plastic Construction
  • Optical Lens: 31mm, F9, 1 element optical grade acrylic lens
  • Focusing: Focus Free, 1m - Infinity
  • Shutter Speed: 1/120s
  • Flash: Built-in flash, recycle time of 10-15 seconds
  • Film Transport: Manual wind and rewind
  • Film viewing window
  • Viewfinder: Field = 70%
  • Power Source: 1 x AAA - Alkaline Battery


  • Most 35mm film stocks
  • Dimensions: W120mm x H65mm x D45mm
  • Product Weight: 135g