WFH essentials.

WFH essentials.

Here we go again. Make the smooth transition into working from home with just a few accessories.


Vertical stands save on desk space whilst horizontal stands are more ergonomic (i.e. less stress on your body, although we still advocate for standing up once every hour to stretch!). Depending on how you use your laptop and if you use it with any external displays, we have both horizontal and vertical laptop/iPad stands available. Our recommendations are:

Vertical laptop stands

If you usually use your laptop in closed clamshell mode and want to save on desk space, check out the Twelve South BookArc or Rain Design mTower. Both stands are made with aluminium, which will keep your laptop cool whilst working.

The Twelve South BookArc is $89.95 each and available in silver or space grey

The Rain Design mTower is $79.95 each and available in silver or space grey.

Horizontal laptop stands

If you use your laptop on its own or as an extra screen next to an external monitor, a horizontal laptop stand is the way to go. Both the Rain Design mStand and Twelve South Curve are made with aluminium to keep laptops cool. Whilst the mStand is a timeless classic, the Curve has a more minimalistic aesthetic.

The Rain Design mStand is $79.95 each and available in silver, space grey or gold. Also available as a swivel stand in all 3 colours here.

The Twelve South Curve is $89.95 and available in black or white.

For laptop stands that adjust in height or tilt, check out the Rain Design iLevel or Twelve South HiRise MacBook.

iMac stands

Our iMac stands lift your iMac to a comfortable height and add storage underneath. The Rain Design mBase raises an iMac up 5cm and has an integrated drawer whilst the Twelve South Curve Riser raises an iMac 10.6cm and has open two-level storage.

The Rain Design mBase is suitable for the 27" iMac and is $99.95 each. It comes in silver or space grey.

The Twelve South Curve Riser works will all iMacs and monitors and is $139.95 each. It comes in black only.

iPad stands

Whether you work in design or wish to use your iPad like a desktop, we have two styles of iPad stands to suit your needs. The Twelve South HoverBar is an adjustable stand which can be aligned with your monitor or as a stand to use your iPad as a *desktop*. The Twelve South ParcSlope and Elevation Lab DraftTable both work in the same way; both stands provide a lower elevation most suited for people who use the Apple Pencil with their iPads. 

The Twelve South HoverBar is $139.95 each and available in black only.

The Twelve South ParcSlope is $89.95 each and available in black only. It also works with MacBooks.


The Elevation Lab DraftTable is $119.95 each and available in black only. It also comes with a wrist rest and Apple Pencil Holder.


Landingzone docks

Landingzone creates specialised docks for MacBooks. Each dock has a plethora of ports and has an easy docking and undocking mechanism.

Check out the range here

Caldigit docks

Caldigit is popular with both PC and Mac users. Similar to the Landingzone dock, the Caldigit docks have a wide range of different ports and connects to your laptop with a single Thunderbolt 3/USB-C cable.

Check out the range here.

*Please note that these docks can only support a single monitor with the M1 MacBooks due to the Thunderbolt 3 port limitation.

It appears that docks with Displaylink software maybe able to drive dual monitors with the M1 MacBook and we have the Kensington SD4750P or SD4780P docks available to order. 


Hubs are a portable way to adding extra ports to your MacBook or USB-C laptop. Most have a USB-C port for pass-through charging so you don't have to plug your USB-C charging cable in the last remaining USB-C port.


For a hub with just the right amount of ports, check out Landingzone's USB-C hub. Light and portable, the Landingzone hub is only missing an ethernet port. Available here for $119.95.


For a hub that's customisable, check out Adam Elements' CASA 10E Hub. This hub features 3 removable modules which can be attached to the hub or attached to other USB-C devices. Available here for $149.95.

For a hub with the most amount of ports, check out Adam Elements' CASA Hub Pro. Monitors can be connected via VGA, DisplayPort and/or HDMI and features a little kickstand for USB-C phones. Available here for $199.95.

We also have hubs for the USB-C iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Go.

Other peripherals of interest

Dual displays only

Adam Elements' CASA Hub H2 adds dual HDMI support through a single USB-C port. It supports a single monitor at 60Hz or two monitors (mirrored for Macs, extended for PCs) at 4K (3840 x 2160) at 30Hz. Available in space grey only for $79.95.


Whether you need a simple two click mouse or a professional trackball mouse, we stock both options here at Try & Byte.

Check out our range here.


Forgot to take a keyboard home on your last day in the office? Fret not, we have keyboards too! Check out our range here.

Have any questions? Send us an email at or give us a call on 99065227.

Stay safe and well everybody!