Never lose your things again with Apple's AirTags.

Never lose your things again with Apple's AirTags.

Sick and tired of losing your wallet or misplacing your keys? With Apple's AirTags and one of our AirTag accessories, you can say goodbye to those miserable times. 



Track where your keys are with an AirTag keyring holder. If you're looking for a simple design, Nomad's leather loops + keychains and Woodcessories BioCase (made with plant-based material) will suit your needs. Available here.



Looking for a more rugged keychain? Elevation Lab's TagVault is like a little heavy-duty case for the AirTag. When fully sealed, it is waterproof and its discreet design means no one will think you are carrying an AirTag around. Available here.



Simply slipping an AirTag into your wallet will cause it to bulge in one spot and it might fall out. With Nomad's Card for AirTag, it will hold the AirTag securely in place and its shape is discreet. We have some arriving next week so please sign up here to stay notified when it is re-stocked.

If you are a card holder type of person, we will be bringing in Elevation Lab's TagVault Wallet and it comes in a compact size so it will be perfect for slipping into a smaller card slot. Email us at to stay updated.

Bike and other surfaces

Moment's Curved Surface Mount is a bit of an all-rounder. It can be attached to anything from bike seats, kayaks and drones and it is watertight once attached with the included adhesive. Available here.



For our dear pets, let them roam free by attaching an Elevation Lab TagVault Pet to their collar. Like the rest of the TagVault range, it'ss made with a durable and waterproof material and can be attached to most collars (except for really thick ones). Available here.

You can also loop a Nomad Rugged Keychain to your pet's collar if you prefer something a little less fiddly.



Glasses are also one of those things that are easy to misplace. Nomad has solved this issue with their AirTag Glasses Strap! Simply slip both ends of the glasses into the attachment points and you'll be able to track where your glasses go if they're not around your neck. Available here.

What are some other AirTag accessories you would like to see?