Christmas series: unexpectedly useful gifts.

person wrapping christmas gifts. wrapping paper is tan coloured with green foil trees and tied up with candy cane patterned string

Welcome to Try & Byte's first installment of the Christmas series! We've decided to release this one a little early due to the delays across both the AusPost and Aramex postal network. First up, we look at some unexpectedly useful gifts šŸŽĀ 

Nomad AirTag glasses

sunglasses attached to Nomad's AirTag glasses holder. next to it is a set of keys with nomad's brown leather airtag holder

For the loved one who's constantly losing their glasses or sunglasses, Nomad's AirTag Glasses Strap is for them. Simply snap in anĀ AirTag, attach the straps to theĀ glasses andĀ they're good to go. Available here.

Twelve South AirFly

asian lady on a plane wearing airpods and tapping on the touchscreen tv whilst the twelve south airfly bluetooth transmitted is plugged into the headphone socket

Twelve South's AirFly is a genius product where you can use your wireless headphones or AirPods with any wired headphone jack. It's great for watching TV, playing on a Nintendo Switch or in the future when international travel starts up again. Available here.

Moment MTW Fanny Sling

lady wearing a mustard yellow Moment MTW fanny sling bag with a few items inside and about to zip it up

A comfortable bag for daily essentials, the Moment MTW fanny sling can be packed out to 10cm (think a thinĀ jacket or a small camera with some extra accessories) and it has adjustable straps for the perfect fit. The fanny sling is made with weatherproof recycled Kodra with a double layer waterproof coating so it really is the perfect everyday bag. Available here.

Elevation Lab DraftTable Pro Kit

man rests his wrist on a wrist rest whilst holding an apple pencil and working on his iPad. the iPad is laid on an elevation lab drafttable stand.

Ideal for visual designers and artists, the Elevation Lab DraftTable Pro Kit has everything needed to create a comfortable setup for hours of work on an iPad. The kit comes with an adjustable iPad stand, a wrist rest and a pencil stand (for that old school quillĀ pen vibe). Available here.

MobyFox Star WarsĀ Apple Watch strap collection

multiple star wars the mandalorian mobyfox apple watch straps laid out

The diehard Star Wars fan will love these! Printed on high-grade silicone, there are also matching Watch backgroundsĀ on the MobyFace app for the best customisation. Available here.

SwitchEasy artist phone case range

switcheasy iphone 12 case with a modrian illustration of the white, yellow, red and blue squares on the back

Quirky artĀ lovers will dig Switcheasy's Artist iPhone 12 range! Each illustration is printed using vacuum plate technology resulting in a super vibrant pattern. Available here.

Woodcessories AirPods case in walnut wood

man taking out his airpods pro from his case which is protected by a woodcessories walnut wood case

Made with sustainably sourced walnut wood, the Woodcessories wood AirPod case range is the natural way to protect the AirPods from drops. The case is also lined for a snug fit. Available here.