USB-C Hubs Guide

twelve south staygo

Not ready to commit to a full-sized dock for your laptop? We've put together a guide of the best USB-C hubs we have that pack a punch.

Twelve South StayGo

Twelve South's StayGo has a HDMI port, USB-A ports, SD card reader and Ethernet port so you can do a decent WFH setup for the fraction of a price of a full-sized dock. Available here.

Belkin USB-C 4 Port Multimedia Hub

For those that don't need as many USB-A ports as the StayGo, this Belkin version is perfect for you. Besides having one less USB-A port, the Multimedia Hub is smaller in size and is cheaper than the StayGo. Available here.

Kensington SD1600

The SD1600 does away with the SD card slot, has one less USB-A port than the StayGo and adds a VGA port so you can connect an older monitor to your latest MacBook. Available here.


LandingZone USB-C Hub

If you are only using WIFI at home, Landingzone's USB-C Hub is an excellent option for you. The only disadvantage is that this hub takes up two USB-C ports on your MacBook but it sits flush. Available here.

Adam Elements CASA Hub i4

For the most basic setup, we recommend the CASA Hub i4. It works with both USB-C phones, tablets and laptops but has the least amount of ports out of all these hubs. With this hub, you can connect an external display, your USB-C power adapter and either a USB-A mouse or a thumbdrive. Available here.