Things you didn't know you needed during lockdown.

Things you didn't know you needed during lockdown.

Check out the below to see what's missing in your lockdown setup! 

Elevation Lab Anchor range 

Have little desk space but sometimes need to wear headphones for zoom calls or to concentrate? The Elevation Lab Anchor range solves this issue, with single or double hooks depending on what you want to hang.

The Anchors all come with ultra strong 3M adhesive, and the Anchor Pro also comes with a screw kit in case you want to hang even heavier things. 

The Anchor Pro and Anchor Side also include cable management bits - the Anchor Pro has a velcro to wrap around a cable whilst the Anchor Side has a spring loaded clip and a separate CordClip.

Available from $18.95 to $28.95 here.

Cablox range

Suffering from under desk cable mess? Cablox is the cable organiser you need. Simply squeeze your cables through the knobs that will hold the cable in place. When you don't need the cable anymore, simply pull the cable out.

Available in two sizes from $14.95 to $19.95 here.

Twelve South Airfly range


Gyms and yoga/pilates studios are closed but some have switched to online live classes or there are a plethora of Youtube workouts as well (we love doing some of Yoga with Adriene's classes). If you love working out early in the morning but don't want to wake the house up, check out Twelve South's AirFly range.

The AirFly works by being plugged into your device or TV and then pairing it with your AirPods. The AirFly USB-C, Duo and Pro models can connect up to two headphones so you and your partner can get a workout in whilst the kids are asleep.

The AirFly Classic has 8+ hours of battery life, the AirFly Duo and USB-C have 20+ hours of battery life and the AirFly Pro has 16+ hours of battery life.

The AirFly Pro can also act as an AUX-IN adapter for your car, boat or non-Bluetooth Speaker.

Available from $74.95 - $109.95 here.

AM Get Clean screen cleaning range

Got fingerprints everywhere? Clean off all the grime with a spritz and wipe thanks to AM Get Clean's range! The anti-bacterial liquid is alcohol and ammonia free so it's safe for you, your device and the environment!

Available in small to large from $19.95 to $34.95 here.

Nomad Horween Leather Mousepad 

Now for something a little more luxurious. Jazz up your home office with this Mousepad by Nomad. Made with the same Horween Leather that adorns almost every Nomad accessory, the leather ages beautifully over time and use. Available in this neutral colour at $99.95 here.