Should I upgrade to an iPhone 13?

Should I upgrade to an iPhone 13?

The iPhone 13s have launched and the question of upgrading is probably on your mind. Whether you are an older iPhone user or an iPhone 12 user, it is worthwhile considering upgrading to the iPhone 13 range with its better camera, faster processors, more vibrant screens and other features. 

Exterior features

Compared to the iPhone 12 range, the iPhone 13 looks very similar except for a smaller top notch and different camera lens placement.

For older iPhone users, you may appreaciate that the iPhone 13 still retains that throwback iPhone 4 design of flat edges.


The iPhone 13 range is the heaviest, starting from 140g for the Mini to 238g for the Pro Max. This may be because they feature bigger batteries than their predecessor. 


The regular iPhone 13 line now starts at 128Gb of storage. The iPhone 13 Pro line now offers up to 1Tb of storage, perfect for those cinematic videos that they are capable of taking.


The screens are also about 28% brighter than the iPhone 12 range so you can see things in amazing detail regardless of what setting you are in.

The 13 Pro line includes ProMotion displays, which automatically adjust refresh rates depending on what you are doing on the phone. Higher refresh rates are, in theory, good for mobile gaming, whilst lower refresh rates are good for when you're not doing much on your phone. By making it automatically adjustable, it saves battery life.


The regular iPhone 13 models have a bigger sensor which results in sharper images and sensor shift optical image stabilisation which is great for taking photos of moving things.

The iPhone 13 Pro models also feature a bigger sensor, 3 x optical zoom on the tele lens and a wider aperture for its ultrawide angle lens, which means brighter and sharper images even in low light settings. In addition, there is now night mode and sensor shift optical image stabilisation on the iPhone 13 Pro.

A new feature across the entire range is cinematic mode, which adjusts focus between objects in the foreground and background when you are shooting video. We can't wait to test this feature out!


All iPhone 13 models are now powered by the latest A15 bionic processor and the iPhone 13 Pro models have a 5-core GPU, overall making it a little faster than the iPhone 12 line.

Battery life

Battery life has improved across the board with the iPhone 13 mini lasting over 8 hours, the iPhone 13 lasting over 10 hours, the iPhone 13 Pro lasting over 11 hours and the iPhone 13 Pro Max lasting over 12 hours.


Despite the fact that the iPhone 12s and the iPhone 13s look mostly similar, better specs across the board make it tempting to upgrade it now. For older iPhone users (such as yours truly), it will be a massive leap in performance and I can't wait to get my hands on the iPhone 13 Pro.


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