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Meet the Moment MagSafe Mount Range

Meet the Moment MagSafe Mount Range

The popularity of the Moment MagSafe range with our customers is a pleasant surprise! Not everyone knows about the full range, so we have created this guide.

One thing that all these mounts have in common is M(Force) - a proprietary configuration of magnets. It provides extra strength over regular MagSafe. It ensures your device stays secure on these mounts.

Filmmaker cage for phones with MagSafe

1. Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage with MagSafe

Made for beginner and professional filmmakers alike; it features several attachment points for microphones, lights, tripods, handles and more.

The Cage is easy to grip and film in both portrait and landscape orientations. This makes it great for filming clips for social media.

Shop Now - $149.95

Tripod mount with cold shoe for phones with MagSafe

2. Moment Pro Tripod Mounts

Designed for easy mounting of a phone to a tripod; whether you use your phone for content creation, a webcam or a display, there is a Moment Pro Tripod mount for you.

Range includes:

Pro Tripod Mount - Landscape and Portrait.

This is the everything tripod mount. It supports a phone in both portrait and landscape modes. There is also a cold shoe that works in both orientations.

Shop Now - $99.95

Pro Tripod Mount - Landscape.

This supports portrait mode but is a lower profile mount overall. It features a cold shoe as well.

Shop Now - $99.95

Tripod Mount

This supports both portrait and landscape modes and does not have a cold shoe.

Shop Now - $79.95

Car Vent Mount for phones with MagSafe

3. Car Vent Mounts

This is a pretty straightforward product - the strong M(Force) magnets make it perfect for in-car use. The design itself is simple, sleek and low-profile.

There are two versions; a standard one and an adjustable one with up to 23 degrees of tilt in each direction.

Shop Now - Regular - $74.95
Shop Now - Adjustable - $99.95

MagSafe phone mount with a strap for fitness equipment

4. Strap Anywhere Mount

Designed for fitness equipment; it features an easy-to-use silicone rubber strap that fits on most indoor exercise equipment. This is great for using Apple Fitness+ on an exercise bike.

Shop Now - $64.95

Wall mount for phones with MagSafe

5. Wall Mounts

The Wall Mount is a small adhesive MagSafe mount that sticks onto almost any flat surface. Use it in the kitchen to follow recipes or in the workshop for instructions. There is a countersunk through hole so you can screw it into a stud or drywall anchor.

There are two versions; a standard one and an adjustable one with up to 23 degrees of tilt in each direction.

Shop Now - Regular - $39.95
Shop Now - Adjustable - $74.95

Multi-threaded mount for phones with MagSafe 

6. Multi Threaded Mount

Finally, we have a mount that was created by the filmmakers at Moment. The Multi Threaded mount is a mount with a whole lot of accessory threads on the back (7 of them). This is designed for use with tripods, Magic arms, ball heads, rig mounts and more. It is the mount that you don't think you need until you do.

Shop Now - $74.95

Stick on MagSafe adapter for phones

Not only for iPhones

As a reminder, these mounts aren't only for iPhones. Moment do make a case for the Pixel 6 series that contains their M(Force) magnet for use with the products above. They also make a stick-on adapter for use with other phones.

Shop Now - $19.95

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