MacBook update (plus a Caldigit sidenote)

MacBook update (plus a Caldigit sidenote)

Apple has just released a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini powered by Apple's own M1 silicon chip, which is touted to be faster and more efficient than the Intel chips currently used.

Another difference is that the M1 powered machines no longer have cooling fans! Instead, a new active cooling system is built in to provide more processor performance while ensuring the machine stays cool.

In terms of model line up, the MacBook Air with Intel chips will be discontinued, but the higher-end Intel based MacBook Pros and Mac Minis will still be available.

They are available to order now for dispatch next week.

Caldigit dock compatibility

Caldigit has advised that these new machines can only output one monitor per Thunderbolt/USB4 port, which means a user cannot have dual 4K monitors when using any of the docks. For the TS3 Plus and Mini Dock, only one monitor will work and for the USB-C Pro dock, both monitors will be mirrored.

No word is out from the other brands of docks we sell but it is presumed that the same issue will arise.