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Delays with the production of the new iPhone

Delays with the production of the new iPhone

The tumultuous new decade continues with the delay in the production of the new iPhones.

Apple's CFO has announced that the supply of new iPhones will be "a few weeks later" compared to prior years where new iPhones were available for sale at around late September.

Rumours are that the delays may have been caused by COVID-19 related supply chain disruptions along with the difficulty in balancing the ability of staff (e.g. engineers) to work from home versus ensuring that the design and specs of the new iPhone are not prematurely leaked to the public.

Rest assured though that Try & Byte will announce the latest and greatest accessories to the new iPhone as soon as we can! One thing we know for sure is that the new iPhones will continue to be wirelessly chargeable and you can shop our current range of wireless chargers here.
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