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Importance of Ergonomics

Importance of Ergonomics

Whether you are back in the office, embracing WFH or a combination of the two, having the correct ergonomic set up is always important. That workplace health and safety checklist is not just a pesky document to tick some boxes for HR but, rather, should be a timely reminder that having a correct working setup is about your health and well-being.
Queensland Health and Well-being have produced an easy to read guide (link below) for setting up your home workstation ergonomically.  To make it even simpler here are their quick tips:

  • Position the computer monitor/s so that you do not need to twist your neck, tilt or arch your head or back.
  • Position your keyboard directly in front of you by pushing the keyboard back so that your forearms are supported on the front part of the desk when keying.
  • Give yourself space. You should be able to use both your keyboard and mouse comfortably on the same level of the desk surface.
  • Adjust your chair to suit you, including the seat height and tilt, lumbar support and backrest position. This includes having your feet flat on the ground or footrest.
  • Check that the screen characters can be seen clearly and comfortably and that your specific eyewear is suitable for computer use.
  • Reduce the glare and shadowing on the screen. Adjust the window coverings for glare and provide additional task lighting to suit you and your task.
  • Sit closely to the desk and remove fixed armrests if they stop you from doing this.
  • If you use a laptop for long periods of time, use a separate full-sized keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Our top tip is to make sure to take regular breaks away from the screen. With the warmer weather, get out of the house for ten minutes to stretch and get some vitamin D from the sun. On a recent visit to the optometrist, she mentioned that she is seeing a lot more cases of nearsightedness since the pandemic, the common theme being due to spending so much more time indoors with artificial lighting. 
Try and Byte work with a number of brands such as Kensington and Rain Design that produce products focused on your ergonomic accessory needs. You can also shop from our Ergonomics collection here. Feel free to drop us a line, email, or reach out via our social media channels for assistance with your requirements. We are able to support individuals with their home office through to large corporates re-configuring their space to be COVID-friendly.
Health and Wellbeing Queensland, “Working from home? Here’s how to set up your workstation ergonomically”



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