T&B lockdown de-stress hacks.

T&B lockdown de-stress hacks.

Lockdowns are stressful, so we've asked our team members to nominate their favourite things to do to take their mind off the craziness that is happening.

Some like to cycle! It's such a great family activity, especially when the kids feel cooped up.  

Some like to work on their photography skills. Check out this eerie photo of the fog that's blanketed Sydney for most of last week.

Some like to cook copious amounts of spag bol (or lasagne). One of our favourite recipes is by Mitch Orr

Another excellent way to wind down is to peruse the Yoga with Adriene Youtube channel. She has all sorts of yoga sequences, from super short to one hour routines and from very relaxing Yin to Power Yoga if you like things vigourous.

Our team members and their kids universally love puzzles and board games

Check out your local hiking tracks. They're usually quiet (unless you live next to a popular park) and a good place to zone out when things get hectic.

Our founders like to tend to their garden, and the past two weekends have involved a hell of a lot of deweeding and garden planning for self-sufficiency. Pictured is members of their cute succulent family. We also grow succulents at the front of our office and if you ask nicely, you may be able to take one home to grow yourself!

One of our team members raves about this Renpho Eye Massager. It definitely looks like an excellent way to shut out the world! Available to purchase here.

Dream and plan the next interstate holiday. Pictured is the view from Hartz Peak, Tasmania.

We'd also like to add a PSA to support your local cafes and restaurants if you can. Each lockdown is mighty tough on them and many are doing takeaway and/or take home packs so you can enjoy one of their delicious meals at home.

Stay safe and well everyone!