Apple Event: New iPads

Apple Event: New iPads

After a long wait, Apple finally raised the curtains on the new iPad Pro and iPad Air lineup (+ some updated accessories) last week. 

iPad Pro

  • New M4 chip: According to The Vergethe upgrade's impact is primarily evident in video and photo editing tasks.
  • Thin design: now thinner than an iPad Air! The shaved weight makes it easier to hold in one hand.
  • New ultra retina XDR OLED display: double panel design creates a brighter screen with more vivid colours and sharpness.
  • New nano texture display option: for a more tactile feel on the screen.
  • Front-facing camera change: it is now on the side for better landscape video calling.

iPad Air

  • New 11" and 13" design: for those who want a bigger tablet but for almost half the price of the iPad Pro version.
  • Now with M2Are Technica notes that it is a solid jump in performance from the previous M1 chip iPad Air.
  • New LCD liquid retina display: not as nice as the new iPad Pro's display when under bright or dim lights but Mashable states that both displays are similar under good lighting.
  • The front-facing camera is also on the landscape edge of the iPad.

Apple Pencil Pro

  • New squeeze feature: opens up a tool palette. 
  • New gyroscope: for better pen and brush control.
  • New haptic engine: to provide precise feedback when you squeeze or double tap the pencil.
  • Works with Find My App: so you can track where you left your Pencil last.
  • Limited compatibility: Only works with the new iPad Pro and Air.

Magic Keyboard

  • New function key row: so you can easily adjust screen brightness, music controls, and other things.
  • New aluminum rest pad: for that MacBook feel I suppose.
  • Larger trackpad: now with haptic feedback!


Will you be upgrading or sticking to your existing iPad?