Apple Design Award 2020 Winners

Apple Design Award 2020 Winners

WWDC was a little different this year. We enjoyed the new keynote format and we hope that they stick to it. We also enjoy seeing the Apple Design Awards and the selection this year did not disappoint.


Darkroom is a powerful yet easy to use image and video editing app with an extensive range of editing tools - including curves and RAW editing. Darkroom also features pre-built filters and the ability create your own.

Free (with in-app purchases) - App Store Link

Shapr 3D

Shapr 3D is a professional app used to make complex 3D models for industrial design, engineering and manufacturing purposes. Shapr3D is an iPad exclusive app that takes advantage of the Apple Pencil.

Free (with in-app purchases) - App Store Link


This app turns hand drawn images into animations on the iPad. It features a simple toy-like user interface and works with the Apple Pencil.

$14.99 AUD - App Store Link


StaffPad is an app made for musicians and composers. It uses handwriting recognition to turn musical notation drawn by hand into sheet music. You can also play your compositions virtually (over 55 instruments included).

From $139.99 - App Store Link

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Best described as a music video crossed with a video game. Sayonara Wild Hearts follows the story of a heartbroken woman through a dream-like landscape. It features an electro-pop soundtrack and distinctive neon visuals that has to be seen to be believed.

Requires an Apple Arcade subscription ($7.99 a month) - App Store Link

Sky: Children of the Light

Open world adventure game with a unique social multiplayer aspect. Your character explores a number of different landscapes in the world of Sky, recovering and returning stars to their constellations.

Free (with in-app purchases) - App Store Link

Song of Bloom

Is a puzzle game where you follow the protagonist trying to find meaning in life. Each puzzle is presented as a 'scene' which appear to be pieces of abstract art, some of which are solved using unconventional methods of interacting with your device.

$2.99 - App Store Link

Where Cards Fall

Another puzzle game, this one is a bit more conventional. Here you help your anonymous protagonist remember past moments of his life, guiding him through each level by building structures with cards.

Requires an Apple Arcade subscription ($7.99 a month) - App Store Link