Almost new iPhone time!

Almost new iPhone time!

It's already that time of the year again with Apple announcing it will be holding an event tomorrow which is roughly when new iPhones are announced annually!

What to expect

iPhone 13 

The iPhone 13 will essentially mirror the existing iPhone 12 range (a mini, a regular, a pro and a pro max version). There will be minor design changes (slightly thicker, slightly different button placement and slightly thicker camera bump) and new colours!

The notch gets smaller this year (our personal opinion is that it makes the iPhone stand out a bit from the notchless pack) and there will be a new display possibly similar to the iPad Pro + the usual Apple chip/Qualcomm modem/battery upgrades from the previous generation. 

A camera upgrade is definite, with better sensors on the Pro/Pro Max models for low-light conditions and stabilisation + a new cinematic video mode for even better quality videos. To support this, a 1TB storage option may be offered for the first time.

Apple Watch 7

The Apple Watch is getting a re-design to bring it in line with the latest iPhones and iPad Pros and should be powered by an updated S7 chip. Both the smaller and larger sizes will increase by 1mm to 41mm and 45mm respectively and may come with more colours.

(Maybe) AirPods 3

New AirPods may or may not be announced at this event. It is expected that the AirPods will be re-designed to look more like a smaller version of the AirPods Pro. Extended range and battery life improvements is also likely.

New accessories?

From classic snap-on thin cases by Power Support to signature Horween Leather cases by Nomad, we'll have you covered (hopefully before the end of the year because there are production and delivery delays EVERYWHERE).

If there is a particular product you're after, shoot us a message via chat or email to and we'll try our best to make it happen!

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