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EcoSkin Stone - MacBook 13" - Volcano Black

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Real Stone refines your Mac

The first stone skin in the world is designed to sustain: the EcoStone ultrathin MacBook cover is made from genuine stone and impresses with its incomparable look & feel.

Slim Fit & Ultra Light

Incredible dimensions of just 50 grams and a thinness of 0.8 mm the cover does not add any noticeable weigth to your MacBook. Discover a razor-thin shape!

Bendable like a Credit Card

An innovative coating strengthens the surface and gives it an ultimate durability. All MacBook slate covers are bendable and almost unbreakable.

As Unique as Nature itself

Each stone is one-of-a-kind! No MacBook cover will ever look or feel alike and you will always receive your personal piece of nature.

Patented Adhesive

The EcoStone MacBook cover can be easily attached to your surface with the help of a certified 3M adhesive film.

Beautiful Patina & Aging

Similar to leather, slate and stone develop a beautiful patina in the course of time, creating an even more unique character to your MacBook.

- Handmade MacBook skin made from real stone
- Ultra-thin stone protection, just 0.8mm strong
- Despite natural stone a real lightweight (45g)
- Coating makes the stone flexible & unbreakable
- Innovative 3M adhesive for longtime usage
- Easy to apply & removable without any residues
- Develops a beautiful patina through extended use