MagicBridge Extended - Black

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Abracadabra. Your Apple keyboard and trackpad are now one awesome control station.

MagicBridge turns your Magic Keyboard with Keypad and Magic Trackpad 2 into a one-piece control surface, tidying up your workspace and keeping your trackpad right where you need it to swipe, pinch or tap. Make more magic on your Mac or iPad Pro. (NOTE - Apple keyboard with keypad and trackpad not included).

Separated at birth. Reconnected by a bridge.

Ever notice Magic Keyboard & Magic Trackpad 2 look like they were supposed to go together? Having these profile twins connected to form one larger keyboard makes them so much easier to use because they never slide apart. When your trackpad is predictably beside your keys - on the right or left side of your keyboard - your fingers will find it without you having to look down from your screen. Cleaner, faster, more stable control. Now that’s magic.

Control your Mac from your lap.

Since MagicBridge Extended holds your Apple keyboard with keypad and trackpad together as one stable unit, you can use it on any flat work surface or conference room table. But what MagicBridge users really love is being able to use this one-piece unit on their lap with their feet up on the desk or while parked on the sofa. That’s better than pulling a rabbit out of your hat.

The magic is in the details.

MagicBridge Extended is precision crafted from polycarbonate, which is feather-light and doesn’t block Bluetooth signals. Whether you place your trackpad to the left or right of your keyboard, you can charge both devices thanks to the carefully crafted access grill. MagicBridge has silicone pads on the inside to protect your keyboard and trackpad, and silicone feet underneath to protect your desk. Once you have MagicBridge, you'll wonder how you lived without it.


- Holds keyboard with keypad and trackpad together, keeping them from sliding apart

- Positions trackpad to the left or right of keyboard

- Easy access to power switches and Lightning charging ports

- Use MagicBridge on any flat work surface or even on your lap!

- NOTE - Apple keyboard and trackpad not included