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ActionSleeve 2 for Apple Watch 40mm - Grey

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Taking Apple Watch beyond the wrist.

ActionSleeve 2 is a fabric armband that helps you expand the way you workout with Apple Watch by giving you the option to wear it wherever it’s most comfortable, not just the wrist. When placed higher on your arm, ActionSleeve 2 still keeps the sensors on Apple Watch in close contact with your body so you can continue closing rings and monitoring your steps. As a bonus, ActionSleeve 2 surrounds & protects your Apple Watch from nicks & dings while keeping its digital crown fully accessible.

Great. But how does it work?

If you’ve ever changed your Apple Watch band you already know how ActionSleeve 2 works: 1. remove your current Apple Watch band, 2. push the Apple Watch “body” into the back of ActionSleeve 2 and 3. strap ActionSleeve 2 on, tighten and go. Your screen, crown and button remain fully accessible and functional. With tight and consistent skin contact, all sensors and monitors still works great.

Keep Apple Watch off your wrist, but in the game.

There are some sports where users actually take Apple Watch off because they prefer nothing on their wrist. That’s crazy! ActionSleeve 2 lets you wear Apple Watch on your upper arm - expanding the ways you can work out with your watch - while continuing to track your stats to hit your fitness goals. With Apple Watch comfortably strapped to your bicep or forearm, it’s easy to view your heart rate or calorie burn. And yep, you can still speak to Siri and spin the digital crown while it’s safely in ActionSleeve 2.

Comfort & precision, just like Apple Watch.

ActionSleeve 2 is made of a non-allergenic polyurethane that’s soft against the skin. Each seam is precision stitched and extra fabric is placed beneath the hardware to eliminate any rubbing or pinching. ActionSleeve 2 adjusts to fit arms up to 17 inches / 43 cms (15 inches / 38cms maximum for the 40mm ActionSleeve 2). Installing Apple Watch into ActionSleeve 2 is super simple. Remove your watch band, press Apple Watch into the band’s secure shell, slip ActionSleeve 2 onto your arm and you’re ready for… action.

When it comes to what works best for you, it’s all about options.

Whatever you’re into - CrossFit, cycling, yoga - you’ll find that having the option to move Apple Watch off your wrist is liberating. You can move naturally without your Watch getting in the way of your workout. Have a physical job where you’d like to track your activity, but can’t wear anything below your elbow? ActionSleeve 2 to the rescue! Keeping your Apple Watch on your bicep will keep you closing rings and hitting your fitness goals, even on the job.

Apple Fitness+ workout ready.

ActionSleeve 2 and Apple Fitness+ are even better together. Sensors on your Apple Watch feed you all the data you need to track your workout. ActionSleeve 2 holds your Apple Watch where it’s most comfortable while you workout, and the on screen metrics are always a glance away. Take your fitness goals to the next level.


-Offers the flexibility to wear Apple Watch where it’s more comfortable or works better for your particular sport or activity
- Keeps sensors in contact with skin to track workouts, heart rate, etc.
- Easily switch between your favourite watch bands and ActionSleeve 2
- ActionSleeve 2 is designed for Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 and SE (NOTE - not compatible with Apple Watch Series 7)