TagVault: Strap for AirTag - Twin Pack

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The Waterproof AirTag Strap Mount. Indestructible. Ultra-secure. Discreet.


Elevation Lab's patent pending design pierces your strap and holds extremely well.


Doesn't broadcast to theives that its an AirTag case.

No Dangle

Mounts flush to your strap.

Works on Any Strap Width

Great on virtually all straps. And thicknesses up to 3/16” (5mm).


Prevents screws from vibrating out over time.

Easy Battery Replacement

Screws on and off securely.

Premium Construction

Glass-filled composite body + matte black stainless steel hardware.

Perfect for Backpacks

Always know where your bag is. And discreet so thieves won't notice it's concealing an AirTag.

Great for Cameras

Cameras are prime theft targets - we know all too well from having our own DSLR's stolen. The Elevation Lab AirTag mount on your camera strap is the best and cheapest insurance you can buy.

Perfect for Gym Bags

Locate a bag stolen from a locker. Or get notified if you leave it behind.

An Evolution of Elevation Lab's Popular Pet Mount

Customers have raved about our over-engineered AirTag mount for pets. For this, Elevation Lab paired the same patent-pending technology with a more discreet appearance so it doesn't stand out to thieves. The Elevation Lab team love it on their own backpacks and camera straps - can't wait to see it on yours.


- The ultra-secure AirTag strap mount.
- Waterproof.
- Discreet.
- Doesn't dangle, low-profile.
- Easy to install thru-strap design with custom self-piercing screws (patent pending). Driver included.
- Indestructible fibre reinforced composite construction + matte black stainless steel hardware.
- Perfect for backpacks, camera straps, gym bags, travel gear & a lot more.