TagVault: Keychain for AirTag - Single

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ElevationLab's TagVault: Keychain is designed to house an Apple AirTag. It consists of a rugged case with a gasket that prevents water intrusion while passing through ultrawideband and Bluetooth signals and allowing about two-thirds of the AirTag's sound volume. It has an integral loop for a keychain ring and comes with a simple but robust one.


- The first waterproof case for Apple AirTags.
- Compact design, won't bulk up your keychain.
- Ultra-durable composite construction with stainless steel hardware.
- Designed for the real world. Other open designs let AirTags get scratched and take abuse from everything else in your pocket.
- Discrete, doesn't visually broadcast that it's an AirTag case.
- Never lose your keys again. And useful on other things like backpacks, luggage, jackets, purse, your child's backpack...
- Signal & sound pass through. The chirp is about 2/3 the volume of an uncased AirTag.


NOTE - Apple AirTag is not included