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RockStar 10-Port USB Charger

by Belkin
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Power for All

Compact and convenient, the 10-Port USB Charging Station provides optimal charging for any combination of smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. Intelligent power delivery detects the necessary power to charge each device quickly and safely, even when all ten ports are in use.

Reliable Multi-Port Charging

120 watt external power supply ensures that up to 2.4 Amps is delivered to each port. This provides optimal charging for each connected device for consistent charge time, regardless of the number and size of devices connected.

Compact Convenience

With ten universal USB-A ports available, the hub allows simultaneous, multiple device charging, all from a single outlet. Since the power supply unit is external, the small, compact hub fits easily onto a desktop, or can be wall-mounted to save space.

Intelligent Charging

Able to automatically detect each connected device, the hub delivers the precise amount of power up to 2.4A for optimal charging.


- Wall or desk mountable options save space.
- Anti-slip bottom is more stable.
- No-fan design offers a quiet power solution.