BookArc Flex

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Save space & stay focused with this modern work of art for your workspace.

BookArc Flex is a stunningly beautiful vertical MacBook stand. BookArc Flex maximises desk space by holding your MacBook vertically while connected to a monitor, so you can add a keyboard and mouse to turn your MacBook into a desktop. Place your MacBook inside and your laptop’s own weight draws the stand’s supporting arcs together. BookArc Flex cradles the Mac you have now and in the future by automatically adjusting to any size MacBook up to 1-inch thick without additional inserts.

Introducing BookArc Flex

A vertical desktop stand for laptops.

Create a comfortable, powerful desktop setup.

Spend a lot of time at a desk with your laptop? Use BookArc Flex to turn your laptop into a powerful mini desktop. This tiny stand makes room for a full-size keyboard, mouse and external monitor, improving comfort and productivity. Taking your laptop to a meeting or home for the night is as simple as unplugging it and lifting it out of BookArc Flex

Small desk? Big monitor? No problem.

By holding your MacBook vertically, BookArc Flex frees up space for that big display you’ve been dreaming of. You can even slide BookArc Flex and your MacBook behind your monitor to save even more space. Need to take your MacBook on the road? Just unplug it and go.

Minimalist design for maximum focus.

Perhaps the real beauty of BookArc Flex is that it allows you to use one large display. Whether you’re editing a video, writing a blog post, or diving deep into a Numbers sheet, having one big screen helps you laser focus on the project. Using your MacBook in Closed Display Mode is a thing of beauty in itself.

Future-proof design.

BookArc Flex is designed to hold your MacBook or laptop without additional adjustments or extra inserts (compatible with most laptops with screens up to 16" and less than 1 inch thick). So this stand will hold the laptop you own now and the laptop you’ll upgrade to next year. How sweet is that?

Design focus in mind.

Inspired by modern architecture, BookArc Flex is truly a minimalist work of art, that uses the weight of your laptop to secure the arcs against your laptop, allowing for universal compatibility without the need for inserts. This design focus is even reflected in the finishes, with a matte black and matte white inspired by interior design trends, and a beautiful premium chrome edition with a mirrored finish that reflects the room it's in.