T-Series 67mm Lens Filter Mount

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Note: We've just been informed that there is a fit issue with the Wide Lens and the filter mount. A solution is in the works!

Attach a standard 67mm Filter to your Moment T-Series Lenses.

The Moment Filter Adapter let you attach a standard 67mm filter to Moment T-Series Tele, Wide and Anamorphic Lenses. Simply press fit the mount onto your lens and you’re ready to go. The interchangeable rubber collars are both included, and allow you to use it with both sizes of our lenses.

Whether you’re trying to perfectly balance the sunset, cut glare off of water, or shoot long exposure during the day — photography filters help you create effects and control light in ways digital editing can’t. We’ve heard so many of you request the ability to add filters to your lenses, so we designed a system that allow you to do exactly that.